For outdoor explorers weighed down by heavy gear packs, we’ve got good news: we’re lightening your load. Now, you can find species and sites anywhere in North America at the touch of a button; which means you can leave big clunky guidebooks behind. iWatchWildlife is now also available as a Progressive Web App for Android Phones.


iWatchWildlife presents the common and widespread species of major animal groups in North America including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, butterflies and bugs & slugs. Designed in a format that’s simple and user-friendly, iWatchWildlife will come in handy for novice naturalists, tourists and experts.


Some quick facts:

  • Search by group, scientific or common name
  • Beautiful illustrations highlight the most common field marks of species.
  • Highlights key field marks, habitat, distinctive behaviors and vocalizations